Planning and Design Services | BG Consultants

Every successful project begins with careful planning. It often sets the tone for the overall organization, functionality, and impact of a project. Whether you are looking to analyze your city’s aging infrastructure, develop a new commercial park, or assess a historic building, BG Consultants will assemble the right collaborative team for your needs. We will help you develop a clear direction, allocate resources more efficiently, and save valuable time and money. 

At BG, our clients are our number one priority. As your partner, we’ll seek to understand your needs and help you define goals. We will provide you with comprehensive evaluations and long-term strategies that allow you to achieve those goals. And we’ll be there, helping you build consensus to make your project possible. Throughout our process, you can feel confident about making the right decisions. When you trust us with planning and design, we have the details covered.  

Planning & Design Services

  • Campus and master planning
  • Infrastructure assessment and planning
  • Water and wastewater analysis
  • Stormwater management planning
  • Transportation planning
  • Site analysis and planning
  • Feasibility assessments
  • Space planning and programming
  • ADA and code compliance evaluations
  • Budget development