Construction Engineering | BG Consultants

When our designs are constructed, we want you to get exactly what was promised. That’s why our role extends throughout the bidding period and construction. By providing Construction Administration services, we can act as your advocate and review construction for compliance with the design intent, ensuring that proper construction techniques, materials, and equipment are used. 

At BG Consultants, we understand the depth and complexity of requirements that accompany construction services. As an all-inclusive design firm, we have the capability to handle a project from the initial planning stages through the final construction walk-through. Having standard practices and procedures in place to protect the quality of every project is important to our team.

In addition, we are one of the largest and most experienced Local Public Authority Consultants (LPA) qualified for Kansas Department of Transportation inspection projects. We consistently serve federal, state, county, municipal, and local governments, as well as commercial and private clientele, in the inspection of all types of construction projects.

We train our employees to be flexible and able to handle a variety of duties. This gives us a pool of trained and experienced personnel to complete the testing and inspection of diverse project types. Attending training schools conducted by KDOT develops client confidence in our staff. We regularly frequent courses to broaden our services and remain on the leading edge of technology and regulatory requirements. Our company has equipment to handle three major concrete pours simultaneously, and our asphalt testing equipment meets all requirements for KDOT laboratories. The size and experience of our staff allows us to complete the required services within the time prescribed by the contractor and/or KDOT.

Construction Administration Services

  • Provide construction contract assistance
  • Schedule and lead regular project meetings throughout construction to review progress
  • Review and approve shop drawings and submittals for compliance with design and specifications
  • Conduct regular site visits to observe compliance with design
  • Resolve unexpected or emergency issues and conditions throughout construction
  • Review performance tests
  • Manage change orders, pay applications, Engineer’s Supplemental Information (ESI) and Architect’s Supplemental Instruction (ASI)
  • Prepare and review Punch Lists to get Certificate of Occupancy issued