Structural Engineering | BG Consultants

Every day, we rely on the integrity and security of structural designs to keep our most valuable assets safe from the threats of nature, time, and man.

Structural engineers minimize a building's twisting, bending, and vibrating when encountering movement such as strong winds, earthquakes, and other forces. Whether working on design projects or responding to the emergency needs of our clients, our team of architects and engineers is trusted throughout Kansas to deliver reliable, constructible solutions.

With an integrated understanding of architectural design, building code compliance, and building systems, we develop customized, comprehensive solutions for our clients. We also apply value engineering and in-depth training to address functional demands while accounting for safety and economic factors. Software tools like Revit and BIM modeling enhance our interactions with the building industry and allow us to better coordinate with architects, consultants, and contractors — not to mention that these tools also allow us to provide economical and seamless designs to our clients.

Structural Engineering Services

Design, rehabilitation, analysis, and inspections for structural systems including:

  • Buildings
  • Bridges, culverts, and structures
  • Storm shelters
  • Foundation systems
  • Retaining walls
  • Mechanical and electrical support frames
  • Mechanical roof screens
  • Water towers
  • Wastewater treatment facilities