MEP Services | BG Consultants

You may not realize the impact internal and external building systems have on your day-to-day life. Having the appropriate thermal comfort, lighting, and wireless infrastructure creates a better experience for every person in your building.  In 2014, BG Consultants added a Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing (MEP) Engineering division to better serve you. We now offer a single source of accountability and optimized communication between the disciplines working on your project. Using a whole building approach, we have developed a more fluid design process where building systems are integrated into the overall design from initial phases.

With years of combined experience, our experts deliver coordinated system designs tailored to your needs and optimized for your budget. In compliance with changing regulations, we seek to enhance the comfort, safety, and operations of your facilities with energy-conscious solutions you can easily maintain. By staying current with advancements in technology, regulations, and sustainable design practices, we consistently provide systems adaptable to current and forecasted needs.  

MEP Engineering Services

Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning

Airflow and temperature control are essential to the comfort and performance of occupants. With experience designing a full range of heating and cooling systems, BG Consultants can help you determine the best options to enhance your indoor environment. Using modeling software and our practical expertise, we determine detailed system, zone, and space requirements for your HVAC needs. 

Electrical Power and Lighting

Nearly every aspect of a building’s functionality today is dependent upon reliable power and lighting. Power distribution for emergency and non-emergency building loads is an essential element of every project. With every design, we strive to provide a power system layout that minimizes installation costs while allowing for maximum and continued performance. We specialize in designing the right lighting systems for indoor and outdoor needs, taking into account appropriate lighting levels, pattern distribution, energy consumption, and aesthetic impacts of the lighting system. 

Getting power to customers in a safe, reliable manner while maximizing distribution losses is the key to a well-run city or municipal electrical distribution system. We assist our clients by providing evaluations and recommendations for improvement, repair, or replacement of overhead and underground electrical distribution systems. 


As plumbing systems become more complex and environmental concerns change the industry, BG provides high quality, sustainable solutions tailored to your system needs. Using a combination of new and proven technologies, we push for designs that enhance water and energy conservation. Our expertise encompasses domestic water, wastewater, medical gas, compressed air, and fuel systems. 

Fire Protection 

Planning for emergencies is critical when it comes to saving lives and protecting your property. With a comprehensive understanding of fire protection systems, the engineers at BG can help you prepare by designing systems that limit a fire’s spread and minimize smoke and water damage. We offer full design services for both fire sprinkler systems and intelligent fire alarm system layouts integrated with your building’s other systems.  


Telecommunication systems have become a staple of modern buildings. Audio/visual, television, telephone, wireless, security, CCTV, distributed notification: BG’s team will design and coordinate the myriad of systems that allow your building and facility to run efficiently and safely.  With experience in intelligent system layouts and through continuing education on technological advances, we’ll help you achieve your operational vision.