Every experience we have with interior space defines our relationship with the built environment. The balance of natural and artificial light in an office, the sound made by a footstep walking across a tile floor, the layout of seating in a restaurant — it all has a direct impact on our daily experiences.

BG Consultants’ interiors team works to improve the function and reflect the character of spaces where you live, work, and learn. Using quality materials that combine beauty and practicality, our designs enhance human interactions through space planning, color, light, texture, and acoustics.  

Our professionals stay up-to-date on sustainable design practices and strive to satisfy your immediate financial concerns and long-term usability needs. We embrace collaboration and incorporate client input throughout the design process. Serving as your partners and advocates, we seek to craft environments that support your culture and goals.

Interior Architecture Services

  • New construction
  • Renovation
  • Rehabilitation
  • Adaptive reuse  
  • Preservation