Lawrence Middle Schools

Lawrence, KS

BG Consultants was awarded work for improvements in four Middle Schools within the Lawrence Public School District. These improvements were spawned by a need for better entry security into all school campuses, growth in student populations, and an effort to incorporate 21st Century Learning Environments into each school within the District. Each middle school received general infrastructure upgrades, including electrical and plumbing upgrades and light HVAC work, and modifications or remodeling of the administration office suite.

The most prominent improvement to all of the schools is the creation of a secure entrance. With the upgraded entrances, the school building as a whole is more easily monitored and controlled. Another major improvement implemented in this package involved updating all restrooms to conform to established district standards for fixtures and finishes.  All restroom improvements also ensure that the space meets ADA requirements. Other notable work includes the reparation of historic windows, gymnasium and entry ceiling repair, a kitchen renovation, door replacement, custom storefront glazing, and wayfinding and signage modifications.