Humboldt Swimming Pool

Humboldt, KS

In an effort to improve and revitalize the municipal swimming pool for local residents, the City of Humboldt commissioned BG Consultants to provide renovation and expansion plans. BG’s design included a 2,890 square foot zero-depth entry addition to the existing 4,420 square foot concrete pool.

A 12-foot section of the existing pool wall was removed to connect the existing pool structure with the new addition. Construction joints between the existing and new structures utilized water stop to provide a leak-proof connection. A new concrete deck totaling 4,646 square feet was incorporated into the project to increase the sunbathing area and to replace damaged areas of the existing deck.

Four varieties of water features were incorporated into the new addition, including a water umbrella, tumbler buckets, fountains, and geysers, providing a variety of water experiences. Determining the different pressure and demand requirements of each feature provided a unique hydraulic challenge. The project also included the addition of ADA compliant restrooms and showers.


City of Humboldt, Kansas