Horton City-Wide Sanitary Sewer Rehabilitation

Horton, KS

This City of Horton’s deteriorating wastewater collection system resulted in excessive quantities of Rainfall Derived Inflow & Infiltration (RDII). Commissioned to help remedy this problem, BG Consultants authored a preliminary engineering report and coordinated with the Department of Commerce and USDA Rural Development to secure funding for a three-phase, system-wide rehabilitation project. Once complete, the City’s entire wastewater collection system and treatment facility will be fully renovated to meet KDHE minimum standards.

BG’s team conducted field surveys, performed 380 manhole inspections, and coordinated a city-wide CCTV inspection and evaluation on 94,220 linear feet of sewer main. The firm evaluated aggregate inspection data and developed a full system design evaluation which prioritized and matched the necessary system improvements with the most applicable rehabilitation/replacement technologies. In addition, BG conducted topographical surveying in-house and prepared utility easement exhibits to assist the City in obtaining construction and permanent easements. Constant communication with City staff and residents was part of the basic service provided by BG’s team. 

Phase I construction was completed in September 2012. Phase II consists of rehabilitating 38,000 linear feet of deteriorated clay sewer main through PVC fold and form rehabilitation techniques. 100 manholes will also be rehabilitated with cementitious lining efforts. Phase II began in February 2015 and will be completed by December 2015. 


City of Horton, Kansas