Hiawatha Downtown Streetscape Improvements

Hiawatha, KS

To improve the accessibility and appearance of Hiawatha, the City of Hiawatha contracted BG Consultants to design renovations for their streetscape. Centered around Oregon Street and surrounding streets, the streetscape improvements enhance pedestrian access to business and public spaces in Hiawatha’s Downtown Business District. Developed in multiple phases, the most recent phase will complete construction in late 2015.

The improvements included removing a part of the existing street, building a valley gutter and overlaying with 2” asphalt surfacing. The multiple concrete curb and gutter were removed and replaced with a single curb. New sidewalks with decorative inlays, planters, trash receptacles, street furniture, lighting and landscaping were constructed. The cross walks were made of brick inlaid between strips of Portland cement concrete. Landscaped bump outs featuring concrete sidewalks leading to the street crosswalks promote pedestrian safety, enhance the site aesthetics, create a community identity and encourage desirable vehicular traffic and pedestrian circulation. Planters with Hiawatha's signature white on black maple leaf masonry unit serve as a signature feature for the City.

This project corrected infrastructure problems and updated the overall look of downtown while maintaining the original character of Hiawatha.