Emporia Commercial Street Waterline Improvements

Emporia, KS

The existing water main on Commercial Street (Highway 99) in Emporia was 80-100 years old and in desperate need of replacement. Frequent breaks left patrons without water unexpectedly and for hours at a time. Repair work caused traffic congestion and further frustration. BG Consultants was commissioned by the City to remedy these problems and replace the existing cast iron main with 10" PVC C-900.

As home to a large number of local businesses and a main connector to Emporia State University, Commercial Street is vital to the local economy. Construction involved work through one of the busiest intersections in Emporia at Highways 99 and 50. Through BG’s creative solutions, traffic flow was maintained in all directions throughout construction, positively affecting over 100 local businesses and thousands of motorists on a daily basis.

The work was finished under budget and on time with positive reviews from the community, local business, and City staff. The project required 3,606 feet of 10-inch C-900 PVC water main, 599 feet of uncased bore, 188 feet of auger-bored steel casing, service lines at 136 locations, and over 1,900 square yards of surface replacement.

All parties involved took a hands-on approach to finishing this vital infrastructure improvement and resolving all issues. BG conducted weekly progress meetings with local business owners, the general public, Emporia Main Street Association, City Engineering, Public Works, the contractor foreman and supervisor, and project inspector. Due to the positive responses this project received, the procedures used are being implemented throughout the state on several other projects through the Kansas Main Street Association Playbook.  


City of Emporia, Kansas