Chieftain Trail Improvements

Tonganoxie, KS

In a two-phase development process, BG Consultants worked with the City of Tonganoxie to design improvements to the city’s pedestrian trail.

Phase I, completed in 2007, included the construction of 2,640 feet of asphalt and Portland Concrete pavement. This addition runs from downtown to Chieftain Park, the VFW trail system, USD 464 facilities, the Tonganoxie Skate Park, and the city swimming pool. In addition to the trail itself, BG’s designs incorporated concrete curbs and gutters, ADA compliance, retaining walls, storm water drainage improvements, driveway improvements, the extension of a 10 by 10 box culvert, benches, bicycle amenities, pavement markings, and landscaping.

In 2014, BG Consultants completed Phase II. The goal of this project was to provide residents living north of US Highway 24-40 safe pedestrian access to community assets on the other side of the seven-lane highway. BG engineers designed a 5,700 foot extension to the trail, which included a route underneath Highway 24-40 and a 130 foot span pedestrian bridge. 


City of Tonganoxie, Kansas