23rd and Iowa Geometric Improvements

Lawrence, KS

The intersection of K-10 (23rd Street) and US Highway 59 (Iowa Street) in Lawrence is one of the busiest in the city, with commercial developments located in three intersection quadrants and University of Kansas intramural fields in the fourth. The City of Lawrence hired BG Consultants to redesign the intersection and solve the operational problems intersection users were experiencing.

The geometric and traffic signal improvements were designed to enhance the intersection’s capacity, level of service, and public safety. Each leg of the intersection now has two through lanes, two left turn lanes, and one right turn lane. Traffic signal phasing options and turn lane lengths were investigated to provide adequate facilities for the estimated queue lengths. To enhance the intersection’s overall appearance, landscaping was also included in the project design.

The high traffic volume at 23rd and Iowa Streets necessitated careful planning and construction sequencing throughout the project. BG created a construction traffic control and construction sequencing plan that safely and efficiently carried nearly 60,000 vehicles per day through the construction zone. Additionally, the City required all surveying work to be done after midnight and before the morning traffic rush. To ensure public satisfaction, BG held an open house meeting to convey the project details to any interested parties, answer questions about the design, and collect public feedback regarding the design. 

This project won the American Public Works Association: Kansas Chapter 2015 Public Works Project of the Year in the Less Than $5 Million – Transportation category.


City of Lawrence, Kansas