10th and Ash Pedestrian Trails

Pleasanton, Kansas is in Linn County, Kansas on U.S. Highway 69.  Main Street is the heart of downtown Pleasanton.  Years ago, Main Street was U.S. Highway 69 before the highway was twice relocated to the east.   The sidewalk project begins at Main Street and runs west to Ash Street along 10th Street.  At Ash Street, the sidewalk turns to the south and runs along Ash to 15th Street to access the USD 344 facilities and the community swimming pool.  Many of Pleasanton’s commercial spaces are in the downtown area near the east end of the sidewalk and along Main Street.  These commercial enterprises create a demand for a sidewalk to provide pedestrian access to them.  On the other end of the sidewalk, the USD 344 facilities and the community swimming pool generate pedestrian traffic and the need for a sidewalk.  To accommodate this need, the City Council authorized the construction of 5250 linear feet of 5-foot-wide concrete sidewalk in the Ash Street and 10th Street corridors. 

The eighteen street crossings required sidewalk ramps constructed at each crossing in compliance with the U.S. Department of Justice Guidelines for compliance with the requirements of the Americans with Disabilities Act. 

This project was Pleasanton’s first major sidewalk construction\reconstruction project.  This project removes and replaces the existing failed sidewalks and extends the reach of the Main Street sidewalk west into parts of Pleasanton that were marginally served with a sidewalk prior to the project.  

KRMCA awarded Pleasanton a Municipal Concrete award for this project in 2021.


City of Pleasanton, Kansas