Water System Improvement Project - Onaga

The City of Onaga contracted BG Consultants to develop a computer model of their water system, identify deficiencies, and make recommendations for improvements. The entire water system was modeled in WaterCAD software. Actual fire hydrant pressures were used to calibrate the model, and BG engineers identified areas with incorrect sizing and pressures. Field investigations also revealed severe areas of incrustation within the waterlines.

After BG delivered their recommendations, the City chose to retain BG to design the necessary improvements. The project required approximately 35,000 linear feet of waterline replacement, 50 fire hydrants, and 80 gate valves. BG also designed a new 150,000-gallon elevated water storage facility.

The design presented many challenges working around an established infrastructure of streets, sidewalks, other utilities, and residential landscaping. The water system improvements were completed concurrently with a downtown streetscape project that BG also designed. In addition to the benefits received from the new construction, the WaterCAD computer model will always be available to the City for quick analysis of future development or other changes to the water distribution system.

The project was funded by a CDBG grant and USDA Rural Development loan/grant. It was completed in 2010.


City of Onaga, Kansas