US-24 & Heritage Square Intersection

Manhattan, KS

In 2007, BG Consultants completed a project designing a signalized intersection for the Heritage Square North and Heritage Square South commercial developments, which BG has provided other architectural and engineering services. Per KDOT State Highways Annual Average Traffic Count, the average daily traffic through the intersection is 22,800 vehicles.

A four-leg and median opening signalized intersection was constructed along the east/west direction of US-24, with site accesses in both the north/south direction. The west and east approaches have exclusive left turn lanes, two through lanes and exclusive right turn lanes.  Both the north and south approaches to the intersection are three-lane approaches with two exclusive left turn lanes and shared through-right lanes.  The north and south raised medians are offset in order to align the through lanes.  All the intersection radii satisfy the turning paths of a WB-67 (Interstate Semitrailer) design vehicle. 

For the project, BG designed a complete traffic signal system in conformance with KDOT, Bureau of Traffic Engineering, and City requirements. This treatment improved traffic operations for the proposed development.


City of Manhattan, Kansas