Roundabout Design at I-70 and Washington Street

Junction City, KS

In 2006, BG Consultants completed a project designing a roundabout for the north ramp terminals at the I-70 and Washington Street interchange in Junction City. A frontage road entering the intersection’s northwest corner made the intersection five-legged instead of four, and tended to cause driver confusion. BG conducted a thorough traffic analysis to confirm that a roundabout was the best solution to this problem.

As the main entrance into Junction City from the interstate, the roundabout had a high traffic count. The geometry needed to accommodate the rather long WB-67 design trucks that frequented the intersection. BG’s design was under strict review by KDOT, and the geometric design parameters followed both federal and state roundabout guidelines.

BG Consultants provided services at all phases of design, including the traffic analysis, pavement design, drainage design, lighting, and landscaping. All neighboring businesses remained open during construction, with minimal disruption to their commercial traffic. 


Kansas Department of Transportation