Hiawatha Fitness and School Trail

Hiawatha, KS

The City of Hiawatha hired BG Consultants to design a multi-use path that connects key assets in the eastern portion of the city. The trail provides pedestrians and bicyclists travelling from neighborhoods in the west access to all of Hiawatha’s public assets east of US-73, north of Lodge Road, and south of East Miami Street. The 8,600-foot concrete trail begins near Little Hands Daycare Center, travels north past the Fisher Center, and loops around the middle and high schools.

Giving high consideration to pedestrian safety, BG designed the trail to be physically separated from motor vehicle traffic, eliminating the need for pedestrians and bicyclists to compete for space with vehicles on public streets.

The trail design complies with AASHTO’s Guide for Development of Bicycle Facilities and ADA accessibility guidelines.




City of Hiawatha, Kansas