CSCE Regional Water Study

Strong City, KS

The CSCE Regional Water Study began when the City of Cottonwood Falls and the City of Elmdale were separately pursuing preliminary engineering reports to upgrade aging water supply, treatment, and distribution systems in their communities. The project expanded to include Strong City and Chase County RWD No. 1. Together, the four entities formed the CSCE Board and agreed to fund a comprehensive study. Field investigations and pressure testing revealed water loss from 15 – 40 percent within each entity’s distribution systems.

After gathering and analyzing the data, BG formulated three possible solutions for the communities. 1) They could maintain their separate water supply and treatment infrastructure; 2) they could purchase water from the City of Emporia; or 3) they could form a Wholesale District, combining water rights and constructing a new 0.50 MGD treatment plant with storage facilities. The third option proved to be the most cost effective solution to meet the long term water needs of Cottonwood Falls, Strong City and Chase County RWD No. 1.

Thus, Cottonwood Falls, Strong City and the Chase County RWD No. 1 legally formed Public Wholesale District No. 26. The Water Treatment Plant in Strong City is currently under construction, with an estimated completion date of December 2015. BG Consultants, Inc. continues to coordinate this regional project.


Public Wholesale Water Supply District #26


    Brian Foster, P.E.
    Corporate Treasurer | Manhattan Office Manager | Water Engineering | Principal