City of Alma Streetscape

Alma, KS

In 2012, streetscape improvements designed by BG Consultants for downtown Alma, Kansas, were completed. Aesthetically, the renovations provided the area with a distinguished sense of place, featuring decorative sidewalks, inlaid brick, new planters, public seating, and trash receptacles. The distinctive “Lover Limerick” access was opened as a matter of historical interest.

Additional improvements to sidewalks and ramps brought the area up to ADA standards, enhancing accessibility for all visitors. The design of crosswalks and constructed bulb-outs make the streets safer for pedestrians supporting the local businesses. Severe elevation changes required innovative ADA access design, as well as creative stormwater management ideas.

Overall, the renovations greatly enhanced the appearance, appeal, and functionality of downtown Alma. 


City of Alma, Kansas