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Posted on February 10, 2021

Governor Laura Kelly recently announced the 2021 Kansas CDBG funding.  Thirty two rural Kansas communities will receive a share of $13,864,149 in federal grants to assist with community development projects.

BG 2021 Funded CDBG Projects

BG Consultants has played a major role in the acquisition of these funds for a major block of that funding and we are proud to be involved with these communities.  Many times, small towns struggle with economic feasibility for needed improvements, which is where BG and the CDBG program fill the gap.  Combining other available funding through programs such as USDA and KDHE, we are able to help our clients navigate the funding eligibility process to make projects economically feasible that are not within their normal operating budget.  Many times, these projects are critical to a community's success - involving precious commodities like water!  Put simply, year after year BG Consultants is assisting more municipalities than our competition state-wide to gain access to much needed funding for their infrastructure projects. In 2021 six out of seven of our water and sewer projects that were submitted for funding were awarded. Six out of seven of our Community Facilities projects were awarded funding. The numbers do not lie - we work hard to maintain relationships and funding program knowledge to put our clients in the best position to take advantage of available funding for your community infrastructure needs.

Water and Sewer Funding Summary

Funding awarded to: CDBG Funding Award:
Emporia $700,000
Highland $600,000
Osawatomie $600,000
Caldwell $600,000
Chetopa $600,000
Toronto $550,000
Total Water and Sewer Funding Awarded to BG Clients $3,650,000

 This year there was tough competition for over $6.4 million dollars in funding for Water and Sewer projects.  There were fourteen total projects submitted and twelve projects were awarded funding.  Of the twelve projects, BG Consultants was behind the scenes assisting six of those municipalities in submitting their applications for funding.  These applications included evaluations, studies and analysis of their infrastructure being considered. 

BG Consultants projects comprised over 62% of the water and sewer funding awarded. That equals $3,650,000 of state funding in 2021 alone. That amount will be combined with local match amounts of over $12 million dollars to get these important projects completed. Almost $15.7 million in water and sewer projects will be initiated because of these grant funds.

Community Facilities Funding Summary
Funding Awarded to: CDBG Funding  Award:
Fredonia $261,425
Horton $190,050
Alma $600,000
Neosho Rapids $217,062
Cottonwood Falls $499,125
Eureka $600,000
Total Community Facilities Funding Awarded to BG Clients $2,967, 662

 Almost $6 million dollars in funding was available for the highest qualified municipalities this year,  Seventeen out of the Twenty communities that submitted their projects were awarded funding.  Six of those projects involved the team at BG Consultants.  44% of the total community facilities funding awarded involved the team at BG Consultants including Street, Storm Drainage, Gas distribution, Park and Ball Field Improvements.  A cumulative total of almost $6 million in improvements will become a reality for these municipalities.  

BG Consultants congratulates the successful communities on the procurement of project funding.  We are proud to play a major role in helping Kansas communities partner with funding agencies to accomplish the wide range of needed infrastructure projects.

You can view the ratings sheets for the 2021 round of funding here:  Water and Sewer RatingsCommunity Facilities Ratings.

If you are a Kansas municipality that needs help with obtaining funding through the CDBG program you need to speak with our engineers.  Our track record of year after year success speaks for itself.  We pride ourselves for our funding program knowledge and partnership with funding agencies and communities enabling your community to procure the funding that you need. The following map demonstrates the municipalities across the state that have been able to get projects funded with help from BG Consultants, Inc.

KS Map - BG Project Sites with CDBG funding