Posted on January 4, 2021

Maple Leaf Rail Trail Project Location Map

Much of what you hear about 2020 is not very positive.  Baldwin City and the Baldwin City Beacon took a moment to look back and call out some positives - which included a few projects that BG Consultants is pleased to have been a major part of.  BG has served as the On Call Engineer for the City and has established a partnership that we take great pride in and continue to invest our firm resources into. Our goal is to aid Baldwin City in making improvements that residents and visitors will enjoy for future generations.

The Maple Leaf Rail Trail is especially high on our current favorite projects list as we look forward to seeing that project increase the accessibility and connectivity of the Maple Leaf Trail for our region.  This one-half (½) mile trail segment is the first phase of the Maple Leaf Trail that will proceed south to Ottawa.  The remainder of the trail is in the early planning stage. Our assistance in the application process resulted in the securing of a $1.1 million grant from the Kansas Department of Transportation.  That investment will pay dividends in increased accessibility in Baldwin City, as well as safe ways for everyone to walk, bike and be active outdoors. In 2020 projects facilitating a safe means for pedestrian travel and exercise such as this were even more important to outdoor activity seekers across the world in the pursuit of “Socially Distanced” activities that pose the least amount of risk during the Covid-19 outbreak.

Multiple sidewalk projects and a Sewer Interceptor project, while not extremely exciting, will also improve the walkways and utilities for years to come.  We anticipate many more projects that will continue to enhance the Baldwin City community. Our relationship with the City and its residents remains a focus that we hope will be strengthened in our partnership to bring those projects to successful completion.

We look to 2021 with anticipation and a sense of hope that the pandemic of 2020 will soon be brought under control.  We hope that getting back to normal doesn’t mean the same old, same old.  Instead we look to 2021 with a vision for infinite enhancements in Kansas communities across the state and hope that we will be able to be a part of those improvements. 

Check out the Baldwin City Beacon full article here.